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Yep, just posted my first character design for my character 'May' an 81 year old woman who travels through time to meet her true love :)

Keep watching out! More to come soon.
If anybody would like to work on anything together, maybe an art trade or something, I'd really appreciate it!

My showreel and other animations
I'm offering commissioned single art pieces right now for sale, with whatever character/theme/style you'd like, prices are below:

Sketch: £5

Inked: £10

Coloured: £15

Shaded: £20

I'm hoping to sell atleast 5 places right now during this test run: -

1. :iconfledrare:

2. :icondoodlingdog:

3. :iconoy19:



All artworks will be completed within 2 weeks, will provide a sketch of the image before taking payment, to make sure everybody involved is satisfied :)

My email adress is if you're interested!

See you soon!
So I've finished my 3 years at the University of Wolverhampton, and its been a total blast! :D

Overall, I graduated with a First Class Degree, which I recieved via letter, which said:

'You have been awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Animation First Class on 8 June 2012.'

I'm SOOOO thrilled right now! I've worked really hard, and it all paid off in the end! Expect to see my film 'The Stranger Everybody Knew' in animation festivals later this year, plus my two CITV idents in August.

I'm also going to start work on designing my own characters soon, making some funny comics, and improving my art (as I always try to!) now I don't have anything to do XD So keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully my mind will come up with something cute 'n' funny asap :)
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I'm so freaking happy they decided to use my dinosaur for the front cover image, although he still doesn't have a name (I'm thinking Denzel!) Its so cool to see something on the university website and getting shown around to everybody :D

I have to design another CITV ident soon, not sure what I'm going to do right now, but hopefully I'll think of something by friday!
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How is that even possible? D: When you wake up after a nice 8 hour sleep and then your head still hurts x.x

Better fetch the paracetemol and watch some mind-numbing daytime TV.
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Drat! I wish I had a scanner in my room, I keep doodling all these things and they never get posted anywhere, when I get a spare moment I'll put some new things up....honest!
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