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Examples of my styles 2009 - 2014 by Tommassey250 Examples of my styles 2009 - 2014 by Tommassey250
After studying at Wolverhampton University for 3 years, I'm about to graduate this june, so I figured I'd put together a slice of the characters I've created thus far :D

My crocodile character is called Ollie the Croc, he was an Advanced 3D project, where I had to design a character to model in maya. He is a lifeguard at the local swamp/pool, he tries his hardest to be helpful, but he keeps scaring everybody with his big nasty teeth! He isn't nasty really, just kindhearted and friendly, but he's also quite lonely, as everybody is afraid of him.

The dark haired woman was my character design project, she is called Sara McCarthy, and is a posh, uptight, rude and abrasive business woman, obsessed with herself and her job. She hasn't got any time for anybody else, and if somebody gets in her way, they'll have to face her dramatic and firey temper... She's shallow and materialistic, and should be lonely, but she's so obsessed with her job, it doesn't really affect her.

My final character is my Dinosaur, who I've decided to name Kevin :XD: he's a more simplified character, and I'm showcasing two of his designs here. His final rendered photoshop state, and an early, bulkier cardboard design, both are very cute! But it was easier to animate him in his 2D flash form in the end.

I've also included a sketch of myself in there too, drawn straight into photoshop. I'm pretty fluid and natural in Photoshop and SAI art tool, Flash, After Effects, Premier Pro, Maya, Final Cut Pro and with all the traditional mediums (I love pencil sketching a lot, but I adore my tablet more!)

Hope this provided a small insight into my drawing flexibility, I'm always open for requests, comissions and trades if anybody is interested :D
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March 26, 2012
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